Voice Over services


As the demand for voice-over services keeps growing, Hieroglifs International is now ready to satisfy your every voice-over need. We have the experience and the talent needed to produce high-quality voice productions that deliver your message exactly the way you want it delivered.

Hieroglifs International collaborates with a number of international and professional native speaker voice talents and studios for all kind of voice related material.

We translate, create and produce voice and text content for your media productions, such as audio projects, videos, e-learning programmes, audio guides for cities, tourism, museums and industry, audiovisual presentations, b2b services, audiotex, telephone on hold messages, podcasts and any form of corporate content.

With our large pool of professional voice talent, we make it our mission to deliver the very best voice prompts recordings, available anywhere. Outstanding quality at competitive pricing with excellent customer service…  that’s how Hieroglifs International satisfies its customers.

We also provide professional corporate translation, text and audio editing in German, English, Spanish and many other European languages.

Whether you need a professional recording for a voicemail, presentation software, radio spot or any other application, we can help you.

You provide the script and choose the voice over. We organise and manage the process negotiating fair and consistent rates with our professional voice overs.

For more information please contact us at jobs@hieroglifstranslations.ro.

Find out more about Babel Key, our specialized Voice Over department.

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