We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services on a global scale. These could be used in business meetings, conferences, presentations, phones calls etc., to overcome the language barriers between the parties involved.

We can provide interpreting services both locally and abroad.

The domains we most commonly work in:

  • Business interpretation:

Locally-based/ online (phone or web-based) interpreters for conferences, meetings, telephone calls, webinars and videoconferences

  • Public sector interpretation:

Locally-based interpreters for public and social service agencies, health care industry, courts, etc.

  • Media interpretation:

Interpreters for voiceovers, television broadcasts, video productions, performances, and other audio-based formats

What is the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting?

Consecutive interpreters first listen to a portion of speech and then relay the general message to the audience in the target language.

Consecutive interpretation is ideal for small groups and one-on-one meetings

Simultaneous interpretation happens in real time  ̶  i.e. the interpreter listens, processes and reconstructs the speech into the target language almost simultaneously with the speaker of the source language.

This form of interpreting requires specialized equipment to minimize disruption and ensure that listeners can follow the interpretation effortlessly. In smaller settings or in case of an individual listener, whispered interpretation may be sufficient.

Due to the fact that simultaneous interpretation is extremely mentally demanding, Hieroglifs Translations requires two or more interpreters for any interpretation job scheduled for a full day or longer.

Feel free to contact us at or (+40) 372701748 if you have any further queries or you would like to request a free interpreting quote.

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