Language courses

1. Standard Language courses

Hieroglifs International offers both individual and group languages courses.

There are a variety of options available for those wishing to study during the day or in the evening – for business, pleasure or academic purposes. Whatever the reason may be, there is something for everyone.

2. Group Courses

The groups will include up to eight participants. This will ensure that everybody will get the maximum that they can from the teacher. In these courses everybody will discuss and exchange conversation in the language of your choice. This is valuable learning experience, as one will learn more when participating in dialogue rather than just listening. The groups are formed on the basis of the students’ language proficiency as per the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ from the European Council.

3. Individual courses

If you already have sufficient language skills and would like to go even further to improve them then this would be ideal for you. In these courses you get the opportunity to decide the time, place and, most importantly, what field, such as banking, law, medicine and so on. In these courses the teacher fully concentrates on one individual, meaning that you get to choose exactly what you would like to improve in.

4. Friends group

We at Hieroglifs International offer you our friends discount offer, whereby for every friend you sign up for the languages course you will receive a 15% discount for each friend you sign up.  Learning a new language is fun, and even more fun in a group of friends.

5. Intensive language courses

In our intensive language courses, companies can register for intensive 3 to 4 consecutive days for the purpose of improving their staff’s languages skills. Here the teacher would concentrate fully on the language elements, without any distraction.  We also offer lectures and access to professionals for assistance.

Languages differ in all ways when it comes to different industries, such as how business language differs from medical language. Hieroglifs translations offers language courses that suit you in every field needed.

Hieroglifs offers lecture/ courses in specific programs which cover various fields such as:

  • Marketing
  • Business presentations
  • Business meetings
  • Business correspondence
  • HR management
  • International management

Travelling to a new country? Then we have something ideal for you: take our “Traveller’s first aid kit”.

English is hugely important as an international language and plays an important role even in other countries.  As the English language is so widely spread and used around the world, our Traveller’s first aid kit is perfect for those who want to polish up and not forget previously acquired language skills.

This course is for those who want some Basic English skills for when travelling. It is suitable for anyone wanting to start learning English from scratch or needing to revise their previous knowledge. Topics include learning how to ask for information, how to respond to people, and how to talk about yourself, your family, and your work and leisure activities. You will learn the most frequently used words and phrases according to various everyday situations which tourists frequently face:

  • Greeting and acquaintance;
  • Ordering meals and drinks in a restaurant, café or bar;
  • Booking of hotel room;
  • Shopping in a shop or in the market;
  • Getting correct directions etc.

While you don’t need to be fluent or have perfect pronunciation, learning a few key phrases in English language makes a great impression and could also make your travels go by much more smoothly.

The studies will be organised for groups of up to 7 people on working days, in rooms of the “Hieroglifs International” Language School, in morning and in the evening. The courses will be taught by experienced language teachers.

We aim to provide our language students with a friendly and supportive learning environment, where the focus is on communication and making languages an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.

The Hieroglifs language courses offer an assessment of language skills level, both written and verbally.

If you are interested in knowing your language proficiency, then we will be more than happy to give you a language test to see where you are. There are both written and verbal tests.

In our work to provide language services for our clients, we make use of the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ from the European Council.

By using these frameworks we assure our clients the highest quality of language courses and provide them with high-level lectures and assignments.

The ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ divides the levels accordingly:

   A – Basic knowledge:

            A1: Breakthrough

            A2: Waystage

            B – Independent user:

            B1: Threshold

            B2: Vantage

            C – Advanced user:

            C1: Effective Operational Proficiency

            C1: Mastery

Hieroglifs International offers a service for students who are preparing for an examination. If you are having trouble learning English and want to ace your examination, the lessons from our lecturers are very valuable.

The lessons cover writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Learning a foreign language can be the answer!

Do you need a boost in your career? Are you looking for new challenges?
Are you interested in broadening horizons and improve your professional skills?

Learning a foreign language can be the answer!

Join our individual or group classes now!

Special discounts for group courses (minimum 4 participants):

Romanian language courses: – 40 LEI/session (90 min);

English language courses: – 40 LEI/session;

Italian language courses:   40 LEI/session;

French language courses: – 40 LEI/session;

Spanish language courses: – 40 LEI/session;

German language courses: – 40 LEI/session;

Russian language courses: – 40 LEI/session;

NEW! Chinese language course for children and adults (A1 level  (HSK 1.150 words) and A2 (HSK 2.300 words). Prices  starting from 80 LEI/session.

The rates are exclusive VAT 19%.

According to the individual requests, we can organize Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew or other language courses.

Payment is required in advance for 5 course sessions. Paying for all sessions at once retrieves a 5% discount. The refund does not apply in case of absence.

Book your place now at or call us at: 0372 701 748, 0728 143 292.

Would you like to learn a foreign language or improve your skills, but you don’t want to lose time in traffic to the foreign languages center?

Do you have a break during the schedule, which you want to fructify in a creative manner or are you in a different town?

We welcome your needs and provide the solution of online courses.

Now, in the privacy of your home, in the morning or in the evening, you can choose to connect us on Skype and take part to conversation sessions in the selected language.

Now, we make registration for the new member groups, at the beginner, intermediate or high levels.




  • Italian – 10 EUR/session
  • French – 9 EUR/ session
  • Spanish – 10 EUR/ session
  • German – 12 EUR/ session
  • Romanian for foreigners – 10 EUR/ session
  • Chinese – 14 EUR/ session

*Prices include VAT 19%.

A training session lasts for 1h30min.

The group is made of minimum 8 – maximum 10 trainees.

The payment shall be made for 10 sessions in advance. The absence of the trainee shall not draw upon the repayment corresponding to that session.


If you want to book a place or receive any other details, please e-mail us at

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