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Visitors’ analysis

Every time a user visits this website, the analytics application provided by a third party generates a user analysis cookie. This cookie tells us if you have visited this site before. The browser will tell us if you have this cookie, and if not, one will be generated. It allows to set up internal statistics on unique users who visit our website and how often this happens.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that links the web browser (user) and a web site (website). Cookies keep information in a small text file that allows a website to recognize a browser. When you first access a website, the information about the user’s preferences (such as language, currency, and so on) is stored in the browser. Upon a subsequent return to the website, the cookie information about the user’s preferences will be read and set accordingly.

Why are Internet Cookies important?

Cookies are the central focus of the efficient functioning of the Internet, helping to generate a friendly browsing experience and tailored to the preferences and interests of each user. Denying or disabling cookies does not mean you will not receive online advertising anymore, but it will not be able to remember your preferences and interests highlighted by the navigation behaviour: news categories, weather, sports, public services, travel services or displayed language.

 Cookie settings:

All modern browsers offer the power to change the cookie settings:

Cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox – Click HERE
Cookie settings in Chrome – Click HERE
Cookie settings in Safari – Click HERE

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