Quality translations

Hieroglifs International has established a set of best practices to ensure that all work is completed at the highest professional level. Each project is monitored individually and evaluated by several language professionals.

Also, we use computerized tools to ensure unified terminology and style throughout the document.

We have obtained the official Verztec Consulting certificate which guarantees our compliance with the highest translation standards (Verztec Consulting Pte. Ltd is a member of LISA, GALA, UKAS and ISO 9001:2000).

The quality is a proof of our professionalism! Hieroglifs International has achieved the Management Quality System, according to ISO 9001:2008 (SR EN ISO 9001:2008) standard.


Quality assurance rules
  • We work with native translators of the target language
  • All our translators are tested before being included in our database
  • All translators are evaluated after each translation job

We take privacy very seriously: you can be certain that when you ask us to complete a job for you, your information will be kept safe and secure.

All our translators sign a non-disclosure clause.

We also learn from you  ̶  that is why we are always happy to receive feedback from our clients.

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