Medical translation services

Medical translation services

In the context of the current crisis caused by the recent spread of COVID-19, medical translations, more than ever, play an important role in understanding and thoroughly researching the elements at the base of this pandemic, and of the protection measures issued by the authorities, as well.

We, Hieroglifs Translations, thanks to our expertise of over 12 years in the international market of the translation services, are a trustworthy partner for your company, and we provide a range of services:

✔ translation of trials and medical documents from/to over 150 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Swedish, Danish, Czech, Slovenian, Arabian, Croatian;

✔ transcription of video/audio recordings;

✔ subtitling and voice-over of video recordings.


Medical translation services

Types of medical translations

Medical translation refers to different types of documents, such as:

  • healthcare training documentation
  • documents on medical devices or pharmaceutical fields
  • marketing or clinical documentation, regulation or technical documents.


Medical translation services

Medical and pharmaceutical translations with Hieroglifs Translations

traduceri medicaleNot all translators have the ability to translate medical documents. Apart from the linguistic skills, the translator should have thorough knowledge of the subject and specific training.

This is a mandatory requirement due to the fact that medical texts are regulated, highly sensitive and technical.

The medical translation process has several steps. It usually begins by extracting the text from the source or the original document, which is converted into the target language.


Medical translation services

Proofreading of medical documents translation

The translation is verified by a proof-reader who makes sure that the text, once formatted, is displayed correctly. That means there should be no corrupted text, and spaces and punctuation must be correct.

Finally, the document is verified by a native speaker of the target language who makes sure that all the requirements of the client are met. Only after all these checks are completed, the medical translation is sent to the client.


Why Hieroglifs Translations

With a team of over 2,000 professional translators worldwide working in the remote/work-from-home formula, Hieroglifs Translations is committed to offering the same quality services, guaranteeing our maximum availability and punctual delivery of the translation projects.

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