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Hieroglifs International provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide.

Whether you are looking for expertise in fields like technology, marketing, medicine, finance or law, you can count on Hieroglifs International to provide you with a prompt, professional, and reliable service in more than 150 languages. But we are not limited to these: we can virtually accommodate whatever need you may have.

With access to a database of over 2.000 language experts, we are able to provide individualized language services to all our clients.

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We rely on specialized translators in all these fields:

IT, telecommunications, software localization, commerce, advertising, public relations, law, literature, electronics, banking and finance, chemistry, engineering, music, sports, travel and tourism, fashion and more.

Written translation

Written translation
Hieroglifs International provides translations for a full range of written documents that vary in size, length and degree of difficulty

Certified legal translations

Certified legal translations
The most commonly requested legal services are:

  • Certified translations;
  • Notarized document translations.
Desktop publishing services

Desktop publishing services
Desktop publishing services are developed in formats such as PDF, Adobe Creative Suite, Quark XPress, PageMaker and others.


Your needs are our needs. In Hieroglifs, we strive for building long-lasting relationships with our business partners.


Hieroglifs International

Gioacchino Rossini 2, sector 2 – Bucharest, Romania

Phone: (+40) 774 64 24 29

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